Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Worrying about the right things


So you know how I said last week was part 2 of the best week ever, well this week is part 3. It keeps getting better. First note of good news, transfer calls happened sunday night and sister winn and I are staying together here in Ripon! AHHHH! We could not be happier. Seriously. We still sister training leaders over all the English sisters, and a bit nervous. Some changes to the sister's companionships have been made and a couple sisters are in touch with us about it already (taking a big breathe and believing it will all be fine and workout!). Even with that being said I am still so excited and I am blessed to be in this assignment with sister winn. With her as my companion and the Christ ready to aid us, I know we can do great things.

This week was just crazy even though there were no over night exhcanges. We ended up traveling to every zone in the mission this week to be with our sisters at some point. It was great to see them all and be with them. Even with that happening, we had so many miracles. 

On thursday we had another great dinner and lesson at the mission home with the Palmer's and Lou, Lisa, and Max. It was a really powerful lesson, and they had great questions. We were able to commit them to baptism, but haven't set a date yet. They said they would be at church again too for their third time. We just really love their family and get along with them so well. They are just such a sweet, sincere couple. And before that lesson we felt like we needed to go see our other friend Eddie who we are teaching also right now. He was having a hard day and we read 2 Nephi 4 all together- and oh my goodness. I have never had a scripture study be so powerful. Just with all of his troubles he was telling us about that day and then reading this passage brought the spirit so strong, and he wanted to come to church sunday so we set him up a ride with an awesome member. It was such an inspired day.

Then the next day we had dinner and a lesson with Trisha and Robert at a couple from the ward's house. It was nerve wracking because they were pretty late, but they did show up and it was the best lesson I feel like I have ever taught. I really paused to ask inspired questions and really feel what the Spirit needed me to say. When I recounted the first vision, using Joseph Smith's own words as I looked at them, the Spirit so strong. Everyone in the room felt it. They had wonderful questions to follow, and they too committed to be baptized. We are going to pray about a date and get back to them. The Coss couple were so much help to our lesson, they really connected with them and loved them. It was an amazing night for us. We like could barely speak.

On Sunday, all five of them showed up. It was the most amazing day ever, and it was our ward conference too so the stake presidency was there to speak. The talks were so powerful. We had so many people to sit by and guide around, we were spread so thin. The ward really helped us out to make sure everyone was welcomed and knew where to go. We were very anxious and worried we would not be able to be with everyone as much as we wanted (that is a VERY very good worry to have hahaha), but it all worked out. The ward was just buzzing with help and excitement. It was the best sunday I ever had. My heart was going a million miles all three hours. After church we had one sad thing happen but decided to to just laugh it off (so that we didn't cry it off ha). We have been teaching slowly this old man Richard. When we stopped by his house after church there was something hanging off his door handle. As we got closer we realized it was the Book of Mormon we had given him. He tied to rubber bands together, one rubber hand hung around the book and the other around his door handle. On the Book of Mormon there was a label stuck on that read "no more visits please". So very sad, but I give him credit, very creative. One of the more clever ways I have been rejected. 

So a lot of things are in the works here in Ripon, and I get to stay here and keep working on them with sister winn! I am just so happy. I am also trying not to feel so inadequate for the task ahead. These people need the peace of the Gospel in their lives. I want to help them find it. I can get so caught up in the fact that I don't know what it is like to come from that kind of background, or I don't know truly how it feels to struggle with certain things, but the beauty of it all is that I do not have to. Christ already did. As I share my knowledge and testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel with them, and follow His spirit, I will know exactly what they need to hear in every moment because Christ knows their hearts perfectly. He wants them to find His peace. As I trust in the spirit I will find the strength I need to do what seems overwhelming to me. These sets of scriptures have given me such strength, and I am focusing on them this week, Doctrine and Covenants 42:14, 84:88, and 24:12. I know through Christ I can do all things. 

all my love,
sister neeley

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