Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Straight Miracles

May 16, 2016

Hey all,

This week has been so emotionally and spiritually exhausting! 
We taught our investigators Lou an Lisa again this week at the Palmers home. It was slightly depressing but still good good things happening. Lou and Lisa really aren't reading the Book of Mormon anymore- they want to read the whole Bible first which is amazing and will grow their testimony so much, but to gain a testimony of the restoration of Christ's church you need to read the Book of Mormon. So they are moving slowly and at their own pace but moving. They didn't come to church this week with no reason so we are worrying, but we are having dinner at THEIR house friday so that is a big step. We are having all trust in God's will and timing and doing our absolute best to follow the spirit. 
We had two lessons with our other investigators Robert and Trisha this week- both were straight up miracles. Plus they came to our zone leader's baptism to see what one was like and it was a really powerful experience. At their lesson we went over all the baptismal interview questions again and they are so ready to be baptized. Their hearts are changed and ready to make that promise. There are some other obstacles left to hop over, but we trust they will. They have the faith to. At our second lesson Robert got a priesthood blessing to help him overcome smoking faster, and Trisha got one as well. The spirit was so strong in that lesson, probably the most spiritual lesson I have been apart of. Robert was just in tears as we testified that through Jesus Christ he can truly can stop smoking, and be baptized, and be that man he wants to be so badly for Trisha, for himself and for God. During Trisha's blessing, the brother talked about how it was a special and specific part of God's plan for Trisha to meet Robert and be married, then come to Ripon to be taught the Gospel from us. As he spoke about that I was overwhelmed with the spirit, that I am exactly where God needs me to be. This is why I came here to serve my mission. That confirmation meant everything to me. At the end of the lesson Robert turned to brother carroll (who has been teaching them with us since day one) and said "will you..." then just broke down in tears. After he gathered himself he finished and said, "will you have the honor of baptizing me and my wife?" Everyone was in tears. It was such a touching moment to be apart of. The baptism goal was the 21st originally but due to literally all of their friends at church being out of town that weekend, they are choosing to wait one more weekend till the 28th. I was sad at first, but I know this is God's plan for them. They will be baptized on the 28th and I could not be happier for them. 
This week we helped are investigator from the media referral, Karen, move. We have gotten so close with her these past weeks. She is so hailarious and such a character. She tells us "I am your mormon mom...well I am not mormom yet but I will be!" hahaha. She is great. The elders who will be teaching her in her new area came to help too and she "adopted" them as kids too. She made us all go out to family dinner afterwards haha, she is a unique person and she never fails to make us laugh. I am excited for her to keep being taught, she has such an enthusiasm for the Gospel. 
This week I was reading Alma 33:18-23 and just fell in love with those verses. I love how it compares the healing of the atonement to the people of Moses. The people of Moses were healed by just looking at the staff. It seems almost too easy doesn't it. We too can be healed that readily and simply, by looking to our Savior Jesus Christ. If we can just begin to believe in His redeeming and strengthening power, he can heal our every sin or transgression, pain or sorrow, disappointing or heartache. We just have to ask for it and look to Him. He has offered me time and time again in my darkest of times, the hope of rescue and light. I have realized myself and through helping others that sometimes that healing can be a process, but it is never out of our reach. I know that as we look to and reach out to Jesus Christ he will be there every time for us. He is there waiting for us even before we reach.

all my love,
Sister Neeley

Sister Winn and I!!

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