Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Changes can be scary

July 18, 2016


So transfers. I am staying in Ripon and I will be training a new missionary. We will only be covering the Ripon ward. Sister Winn will be covering only the YSA ward with her new companion Sister Webb, as sister training leaders. I am so grateful for this opportunity to train a new missionary this transfer. I am super humbled by it. I am pretty nervous about how big this responsibility is, but I know Christ will be with my new companion and I to strengthen us. I don't even know who she is yet, but I love her and I am praying for her continually already! I can not wait to meet her. I will do everything I can to be the best trainer for her, and then leave the rest up to the Lord. I have been in Ripon quite some time now, but I feel that there is more for me to do. I have been here 7 1/2 months currently, and after this coming transfer I will have served half my mission here! I got on my knees last night and prayed for a confirmation of this change, and I know it is from the Lord. I am willing and excited to do the Lord's will this transfer. 
Yes- I am so sad to leave Sister Winn- tears were shed. Sister Winn has changed my life these past 6 months. I am a different person than I was 6 months ago because of her. I am so grateful to have been her companion, and I know it is time now that I spread her love and influence to other sisters. I am also grateful for my time to be serving as a sister training leader. It is sad to have a change because I will not see as often the other sisters that I have grown to see as truly my own sisters, but I know the Lord needs me to do something different for Him right now. I am full of a million emotions currently! Ah! But the strongest one is that God loves me, He knows what is best for me, and He will forever be there for me.

Kelly got baptized on Saturday, and confirmed the Holy Ghost on Sunday. It was such a special weekend to end the transfer. She is so so sweet, just the cutest. She bore her testimony at her baptism, right after being baptized and it was the most sincere thing I have ever heard. She was so nervous and shaking- she has people anxiety- but as she stood and testified you could see a confidence sweep over her. She is so cute, she calls sister winn and I her angels. We love her and were so happy for her and Marco. Before she went up to be confirmed on Sunday, she was holding my hand as tight as she could- she was so nervous! Her blessing as she got the Holy Ghost was so beautiful. It talked about her making it to the temple to be sealed to Marco her husband for all eternity and I felt the spirit so strong! And she is got her temple recommend the same Sunday! Kelly and the the Souzas (they got baptized last month) are all going to the temple with the ward next week and I could not be happier!
We are in a bit of a lull after Kelly's exciting baptism, but the Lord will provide for us this transfer as we work diligently. We were spending most of our time in the YSA ward this past transfer because we had so many set teaching appointments. It is really sad for me to leave those people we were teaching, I love love love them so much! I will make it hopefully to Chad, Michela, and Ashley's baptisms though when they come. Ashley accepted baptism this week and is like a sponge. She brings a note pad for notes to our lessons so she can remember what we teach more, and is half way done reading the book "our heritage"...like who is this girl haha?! She like totally freaked out when we told her about transfers, she is super shy, but she will do awesome and I will continue to pray for her all the time. God is already helping us out in Ripon though. There is an inactive recent convert in the YSA ward we have been working with, and he just asked his mom who lives in Ripon (well technically Manteca but that part is still in our area) if she wanted to take lessons and she said she did! So hopefully that will be starting up this week. Us- the ripon sisters- would teach her. I trust that there will be more miracles as we continue to act in faith.

I have a lot of different emotions going into this transfer, but like I said, I know that it will all be okay and that this is another chance for me to grow even more into the daughter God needs me to be for Him.

all my love,
Sister Eleanor Neeley

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