Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Never felt so at home

May 9, 2016


This week was one of the fastest weeks of my mission probably. I blinked and it was over! We had a lot to do, but got it all done and feel like we really were guided by the spirit. We had mission leadership council, a sister training leader meeting with president and sister palmer, two overnight exchanges, plus two extra visits to some sisters who were struggling, and on top of that- a full work load in our area. But once again I was shown that, this is the Lord's work and if we lean on Him for guidance we are able to do His will. For one of the exchanges I was down in the Turlock area with sister beteiti. She is the sister learning english, and I just love her! Her english is getting really good. She has every reason to be having a hard time, but she just smiles and trusts Christ to be with her. I learn so much from her every time. We really click too so that makes the exchange even more fun. I always tell her I am going to come live on her island with her after our missions. It is so interesting to learn about her culture. She is an amazing sister who loves God and trusts Him.

This week was a very interesting lesson with Lou and Lisa at president's house. They are very unique investigators who have a real drive to find the truth. Lou and Lisa have been reading the Book of Mormon , but decided this week to focus on the Bible- so that they can then understand the Book of Mormon better is their thought process. It was exciting to hear Lou talk about how much he loves the Bible. He read almost 40hrs straight of it, and left work early to find out what happens next in it. He is really feeling the spirit. As he studies the Bible and the Book of Mormon together, his and Lisa's testimonies will be so strengthened because both books work together to testify of Jesus Christ. We are excited for our next lesson at the Palmer's home this week.
We had two lessons with Robert and Trisha this week! Both were the best lessons I ever taught. The spirit was there giving us guidance and inspiring us with questions to ask. Scripture references were flowing into my mind to confirm our testimonies. They are the most amazing couple. Teaching them the plan of salvation was so powerful, I will not forget it. And Robert prayed for the first time with us and we were all brought to tears. It was the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. They have had so much heartache in their life and are just desperately searching for relief. They are so excited to be baptized on the 21st. We are praying hard they can overcome what is needed to make that goal. I know with Christ they can find the relief and strength they need.
The media referral, Karen, who we are teaching has been just an all around miracle. Teaching her that she matters, and is loved, and there is hope and a plan for her has completely changed her in just this first week. She has felt the peace she has been seeking she told us, and wants to be baptized to receive the full blessings that Christ is so willing to give her. We set a goal of may 28th. She is the most hilarious, loving lady. We just adore her. She calls us her angels and it is the sweetest thing ever. We had dinner with her and some of her friends...it was a little crazy with all of their very interesting personalities...but I never felt more at home on my mission. I wasn't caring what the people around me were thinking as we ate, all I felt was this increase of love for them. I love Karen and I am so excited for her!

This week I have been studying moroni chapter 7 from the Book of Mormon. I love verse 43.
"And again, behold I say unto you that he cannot have faith and hope, save he shall be meek , and lowly of heart." 
Having faith is not some big show to say, hey everyone look at me- look how much faith I have and look what miracles I will get from it. Having faith is daily diligence to the small things, and trusting that God will take care of the big things if it is His will. Faith is true, abiding trust in God's will and then doing the best we can to follow it. I have faith in my Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him, all things will be made right. Through Him, I can do all the things.

all my love,
sister neeley

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