Friday, March 11, 2016

Ward Christmas Party: Social Scene of the Year

December 7, 2015

Hello I love you all!

This week seems slightly like a blur. I was so so so busy. So sorry if this email is all over the place. I will try get it all out. So went on an exchange this week and that went really well. I love exchanges and getting to know, learn from, and help the other sisters. I always miss sister Allen though! We have to go on exchanges every week and every time when we meet up again after people must think we are long lost sisters or something. Probably slightly annoying about it... but besides the point! So that was great. As always. We have had a lot of work to do in the area and with sisters who need our help. Balancing both duties this week has been very stressful and slightly overwhelming at times. I want to do both responsibilities to my full capacity. I do not want to let anyone down- my ward or my companion, or my mission president, myself, but especially my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. This week will be even busier. Three exchanges (two emergency exchanges) and plus working hard in Mountain House to meet our high goals for this month. I feel like I have a lot of expectations placed on my shoulders for this month but I know that as I share them with the Savior I can feel peace. I need to have an increase of faith that miracles will happen and that I can do enough in my area and in the lives of our sisters we steward. I read the story of the strippling warriors from the book of mormon and it gave me the courage and peace I needed. I love Alma 53:20, I want to be true at all times in whatsoever thing I am entrusted. I know I can be with the enabling power of Jesus Christ. 

The ward Christmas party was on Saturday and it was super fun!! It was the event of the year for us missionaries. It is home the ward christmas party was just another thing I had to attend. I would roll up usually just fresh from some sort of sports practice (stank and all). But as a missionary we have been planning and inviting and preparing for it for weeks now! It was the social scene of the year for us haha. Sister Allen and I preformed a musical piece. I played Oh come Oh come Emmanuel on the guitar and Sister Allen sang. It went so well! I felt the spirit so strongly. I just love that one. It was comparable to the Civil Wars version of the song... okay no it wasn't but it was still pretty good. We got to spend time with the members of our ward and feel the christmas spirit. I remember sitting there at one point and looking around and thinking to myself that I can not imagine my life without knowing and growing from all the people in this room. I had the strongest confirmation I am exactly where the Lord needed me to be. Those moments carry me through the days I have doubts. It was a tender mercy.

I am so ready for this week. I am going to lean on my Savior with all my might. I will pray for guidance and comfort like I never have before. I want to be the kind of daughter and disciple that my Heavenly Father can trust and count on to do His work. I love you and miss you and pray for you all.

all my love, 
sister neeley

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