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Hey Soul Sister (aka Sister Allen)

November 16, 2015

Everyone I love!

This week has been the busiest week of my mission for sure- possibly even my life so far haha. I have been all over the mission helping, working with, and learning from the sisters in our stewardship, plus working as hard as I can in my own area. We are sister training leaders for all of the English sisters in the mission. We go on at least one exchange a week, but sometimes more depending on needs of the other sisters. Last week we did one, this week we will do at least two. I feel tired but it is a good kind of tired. I know that the Lord is watching over us and giving sister Allen and I strength and inspiration to full fill both responsibilities that we have to the best of our abilities. We constantly are checking with Heavenly Father if we are balancing both aspects of our calling as He would have us do. I thought I was prayerful before...but this week I have learned a deeper meaning of it, and I have grown so much about prayer and seeking inspiration. I had a really amazing experience this past week. We were biking from a dinner appointment we had with an inactive family, and as we were on our way to our lesson with an investigator he called and cancelled last minute. I was feeling down about not having the lesson and sister Allen just stops in her tracks and tells me that she knows we are needed somewhere- where are we needed sister Neeley. I felt a particular companionship of sisters come into my mind, but I was too afraid to speak up at first because it made no sense to go drive and see them right then and there. It was way out of our area, and they said they were just fine on the phone that afternoon. Sister Allen is so great and so in tune with the spirit, so she asks me again, sister Neeley tell me where we are needed. So I share my thoughts and sister Allen let me know that we follow all promptings, immediately, all of the time. So we got the car and drove up to see them and it was EXACTLY where we were needed. The sisters were struggling and needed some love and discussion with us there that night. It was such growing experience for me to learn how promptings and inspiration work in me, and that it was divine guidance from God where He needed us to be. I am learning to seek more opportunities like that and trust in the promptings I get. I want Heavenly Father to be able to trust me with further promptings so that I can serve Him better. 

Sister Allen is such an amazing companion! We have so much fun together and get along so well, but at the same time she pushes me to always be better and more obedient and lets me know where I can improve in a really loving way. That is a big lesson I am learning from her, is how to love someone AND be completely open with each other ways to improve. It is hard for me to speak up when she asks how can she be better or how can we be better as a companionship but as I watch her example I am able to open up about it more and it has made a huge difference. I love being her companion, I am learning so much. She is a stand up missionary and just person in general. One of our sayings this transfer is "find ways to be more obedient rather than exceptions not to be". 

Our area has so many good things going on right now and good, prepared people being taught. I always worry I will get behind in our area because we are helping other sisters in the mission, but our mission president promised us that as we work with the Lord's missionaries, the Lord will work in our area. We have already seen that time after time this week. It motivates me to really magnify the precious time that we have to be working in our area. 

One scripture that I will ponder this week is Moroni 7:48, "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ymay be filled with this lovewhich he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ."
When I read this I really really want to be filled with that love he speaks about. I want to love so deeply myself, my companion, the people in my area, and the sisters I serve as Jesus Christ would if He were here. I think about my mom when I read this verse. My mom has this way of making everyone she talks to feel important, valued, loved, and special. I want to focus this week and pray with all the energy of my heart to be that kind of person more. I want to uplift everyone I am around because of the the love of Jesus Christ that is in me. 

all my love, 

Sister Neeley :)

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