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This week was a blur, but...

February 4, 2016

Hey everyone I love!

So this week has literally been a blur but probably because if it was any other way I would died haha. I will try and gather my thoughts though. Sister Winn being my new companion is a tender mercy from heaven. We get along so well. She is 24 years old, graduated high school at 16 and has been modeling in New York ever since. She speaks english, italitan, and french. I have never met someone so spiritual in my life. She is currently writing the Prince of England who wanted to marry her, but she decided to serve the Lord instead. So that was actually an outrageous lie- but!! she is really cool still. She is 19 from Morgan, Utah and has been out on her mission 3 months. She is super into outdoors and sports which makes morning workout a dream come true to me. Literally...I have been dreaming of a solid morning run for months.She is so real about her struggles and doubts, but at the same time has so much faith to fill in those gaps she just hasn't got answers to yet. We are a lot a like. Sister Winn and I are like two pees in a pod, so despite the confusion and stress we had a ton of fun and felt the spirit together.

Sister Winn and I have been all over the mission this week. We found out that we are over all the english speaking sisters in the mission- 18 sisters, 6 different zones. The two other sister training leaders in the mission are over all the spanish sisters, so we each have a lot of ground to cover. For each zone we go to their leadership meetings to coordinate our efforts with the elders for helping the sisters that we share in stewardship. We went to six different zone leadership meetings, plus district meeting, plus a sister training leadership meeting this week. We also do not even know a fair amount of the sisters very well so we have been trying to go and visit them, take them out for lunch etc. to get to know them. We need them to know us and trust us so that they can feel comfortable talking to us about struggles they are having, either in companionships or in their area. We have already been needed this week to visit some of them so the week has just been really jammed pack. Despite that though, we have taught some really amazing lessons! Silver and his family are still searching for truth. The spirit is so strong in our lessons, I have a lot of hope for them. We also got to meet a couple other people this week which was just a blessing because our time working in Ripon was very small. We realized that as the transfer goes on and sisters will need us to come more and more, we will have to prayerfully ponder which leadership meetings to attend and really follow the spirit. I know that as we are are working with our sisters, that God will work in our area AND that when we are working in our area, that God will be working with our sisters even more. I am really holding true to that promise this transfer. President Palmer told us at a sister training leader meeting that he promises as we strive to be obedient and follow the spirit immediately, our area will be blessed. 

Something that I studied this week that was impactful was how Christ ministered. I spent a lot of time in the New Testament. I realized that Christ was never in a hurry to love people. He was always one hundred percent focused where ever he was. He saw the potential in people, instead of who they were in the past. Every time I will go to minister to a sister or in my area, I will ask myself how would Christ minister if he were here. And when I am talking about missionary or about anyone for that fact, how would Christ speak of this person if he were here. My goal this transfer is to focus on the spirit and let it lead me in all things. I was reading in the Book Of Mormon in Jacob chapter 3 verses 3-4, and it gave me a lot of peace this week as well. I will pray for inspiration and trust in God's love. I love the scriptures and I am so thankful for all of the peace they bring to my life. This next week will be a bit more busy believe it or not, but I trust that God will provide a way for us. Sister Winn and I are excited to grow this transfer in faith and in Christ like love.

I love you all,
Sister Neeley

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