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Thanksgiving!! Who Invited Them...

November 30, 2015

So thanksgiving! It was a really great day for me, and it was a really spiritual day actually too. The weeks leading up to  thanksgiving I was anticipating it to be really hard... probably filled with a lump of aching homesickness that I would not be able to shake. It was just the contrary though. We decided as a companionship to make this holiday a special one while on our mission. We only get so many holidays to spend on our mission and we want to make each one count. So in preparation we asked the ward council who would benefit from a visit from us on thanksgiving and we took those names and made appointments in advance. We had an appointment every hour of the day with families and people who really needed the spirit in their home and an uplifting message. Some of the people who were other guests at the appointments we made were very skeptical of us haha...we got a lot of looks saying "who invited THEM" but after we talked and showed them we are normal(ish) people they warmed up and we were all able to have a good time together. We even got to visit with some of our people we are teaching on thanksgiving and that was my favorite part- it was a really special time. We started our day like any other and got up did our excise and studies - even though the thought of a turkey bowl sounded fun to us. I actually got really sick during the morning (I think I ate something bad the previous night) and after studies we met our district leader for a blessing of healing and afterwards I was able to function throughout the day. So after that, we had appointment after appointment and I never had time to feel down or let any homesickness weigh on me. That is not to say I did not miss you guys, I totally missed you guys. But there is a difference to me of missing my family and being homesick. Being homesick is not fun. The day was filled with us building up families who needed it and giving others a spiritual experience. I also had this really motivating feeling throughout the day. I felt like because I was not with my family and because I was not treating thanksgiving as a day off, I really was sacrificing and being one with Savior. I felt more devotion to my call as a representative of Jesus Christ and that spirit really carried me throughout my day. I had a really amazing thanksgiving and I feel really good about trying to minister as He would if He were here on thanksgiving day. We got to have fun as well though with a lot of the families that I have grown close with as I served them. They treated us like family and it meant a lot. The love I have for the people of mountain house is so great! I love the ward, and all the people living here. 

So last week was really hard and I wanted to just speak to that really quick. I read the talks truly good without guile & the fourth watch, studied doctrine and covenants 64:33, and spent a lot of time on my knees praying for understanding peace, and acceptance of my efforts as a missionary. I feel like I have had a change of heart and grown closer to my Savior through my hard week. I know that no effort is wasted and I do not understand why people choose what they choose but I do know that I can pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him if I am doing what He wants and He will let me know. The peace and love I have felt this week has been overwhelming. I trust that I carry the spirit with me and every time I talk to someone or teach they can feel it too, even if they choose not to recognize it. I am really motivated to make this week amazing and Sister Allen and I are ready to have even more faith so that we can see miracles happen. 

Something fun is that Sister Allen and I are preforming for the ward Christmas party!! I am playing the guitar and she is singing oh come oh come Emmanuel. It will be so beautiful. I am pumped. I love you all!

all my love,
Sister Neeley

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