Friday, March 11, 2016

New Adventure in Ripon!

December 21, 2015


So I am in Ripon! And it is a much bigger area than I am used to, more than double and we are opening it so this week has been stressful a bit trying to figure out where to start our efforts here. I am really relying on the Lord and the spirit to guide me. There are a lot of churches in this area, some of which are not very fond of our church. We are just need to love everyone we meet and some people will not want to listen to us and some people will. So many miracles have gone into us being here at this time and I know that there are prepared people here who need the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We are currently living with the spanish hermanas in Manteca until our apartment is ready to move into, hopefully this wednesday. We are sleeping on their living room floor and it is pretty tight to say the least. It is really fun though, I love staying with them. It will feel good to actually unpack and be organized though soon. I really miss Mountain House and the familiarity I had there. I knew the area like the back of my hand and had a lot of good friends there. Also I miss sister allen!!! She has become one of my very best friends. As a sister training leader I am over two other sets of sisters as well as my companion. I am really nervous to be a sister training leader alone of them, some of them have been out twice as long as me. I know I was called for a reason though and I am here to serve and love them in any way I can. Also to learn from them as well. I am sorry this email is short and not as expressive as my others, I am singing in a group for the mission wide devotional on the 24th and we have practice right now.

Something that has really touched my heart this week was the talk, "Lord I Believe" by Elder Holland. Easily one of my favorites. It gave me such peace as I enter this new transition. My companion sister wilkins has been out about 3 months and is from missouri. She is a fun person. I am anxious to grow a lot this transfer and to see what I need to learn. My scripture of this week can be found in Mark 5:36, the line I focus on says, "Be not afraid, only believe." That is my motto this transfer. I am not going to fear change and all of the difficult things that come along with a new area and companion, I am just going to believe Heavenly Father is taking care of me in every way. I do not even need to have a perfect knowledge, just a belief. That is all Christ asks. I can offer him that at least and He will magnify my efforts. I am excited for this Christmas. I will get to share the hope that Christ gives me with everyone I meet. It will be a special Christmas. Everyone have a happy holiday and I love you!

all my love,
sister neeley <3

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