Sunday, January 8, 2017

Short, but Sweet :)

September 26th, 2016


This week was an exciting week. We are teaching more and more. We had a lot of great first lessons this week, and we are praying we can continue to teach these families. One lady we met studies with her family every week from the Bible, we were so impressed! They do not attend a certain church though. As we taught her about the restoration of Jesus Christ's church, she said she felt something in her heart and she knows we are sincere girls with a sincere message. She said she is taking the lesson we shared with her to her family study and so this week when we meet again we will see what the whole family thought about it. And the girl Yvonne (who showed up to our ward two weeks ago but really lives in the area of the ward that meets after us) is doing so well. She is taking the lessons from the other missionaries and I got to visit it with her saturday night at the women's general broadcast. Which by the way the women's broadcast was so amazing!!! We sat together and got to talk about all the things she is learning. She is going to be baptized on October 8th and she asked Sister Kitahara and I to give the talks at it. We are so happy for her and so happy we are apart of such a special moment for her. We are working with this 9 yr old boy right now as well, he is Hindu. He went online and requested a Book of Mormon himself, and is almost done reading it by now! He is so so smart. He asked to be baptized but because he is so young and His family is Hindu, he is isn't allowed to right now. His mom loves us coming over to help him read the Book of Mormon though and better understand it. He has such a special spirit and he is the most interesting 9 year old I have ever met. Reading with him has been a highlight of my week. Sorry this week's email is so short, I will make up for it next week! I love you all!

all my love,
sister neeley

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