Sunday, January 8, 2017

He Makes us More than we Could Imagine

October 24th, 2016


We were able to teach the Japanese couple this week. They took us out for lunch to an authentic japanese place in town, they didn't really even speak english there. Luckily I was with three fluent japanese people haha.We were able to listen to their trials and concerns and see how we could apply the Gospel to their lives. We really love them and hope they will want to learn more from us. Other than that this week we found a couple people who said we could come back and share more, and one of them even set a specific day and time with us. We are having some good teaching opportunities, we are just trying to start connecting them together more and helping people start progressing towards Christ more fully. 

Something interesting is that Mountain House gets really into Halloween! Their decorations are so creepy! There are multiple houses that have "haunt walks" and scary music playing at night. We hate walking by those houses when it is dark! We decided to put up some of the tiny christmas decorations we have in our apartment, it makes us feel happy haha. Sister Kitahara is from Japan and all the scary halloween decorations are new to her and she is not a fan of them. It is really cool to learn all the cultural differences and similarities. 

This week I was studying in Alma chapter 7. It is such a powerful chapter about Jesus Christ and I always feel the spirit so strong when I read it. When Jesus Christ suffered for each one of us in the garden, is was not just for our sins and mistakes- although that most definitely was a part of it. In verses 11 and 12 it tells us that Christ suffered our afflictions and pains and sicknesses of every kind, every single kind. And because of that, Christ is able to strengthen us in time of sin but also in any difficult time we face. He felt exactly what we feel and He knows how to help us out of it. When we turn to Jesus Christ we can be so much more than we would be by ourselves. He provides us specific and individual tutoring on how to navigate our trails. He has already overcome everything we face, so as we ask Him for help he will show us the way. One of my favorite quotes is by Neil F. Marriot and it says "He takes us as we are and makes us more than we ever imagined." I find so much hope in that, in Jesus Christ. I can face anything, overcome anything, with His loving help which is always near. I just need to ask Him for it. I am especially grateful this week for the Book of Mormon and what a powerful witness of Jesus Christ that it is. I know that Joseph Smith was lead by God in translating those scared words, and that he really was a prophet that restored Jesus Christ's church in full purity onto the earth again. And I just finished the Gospels of the New Testament and I have such a testimony that God works through prophets and apostles who receive His directions, and He always has. Joseph Smith being called as a prophet again in these latter days is not an isolated event, but rather a continuation of such a loving pattern from God. God loves us and so He sends us prophets with His authority and power to guide us. I loved reading the Gospels in the New Testament, I could see so clearly that the Church Christ set up is how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is set up today. His Gospel has been restored, and I am grateful for all the scriptures that truly testify of that. 

Have a great week!

all my love, 
sister eleanor neeley

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