Sunday, January 8, 2017

All Who Will Ask

November 14th, 2016


Our teaching is coming along. We met with Lesly this week twice, but both times ended up being a bad time for a lesson but it was good to still see her and talk with her. We will teach her more this week. This week we met with Lindy but she did not have time to read yet. It was still a good meeting though! We took a member from our ward with us who is also a working single mom her age, going to nursing school at night and they really connected. They were like instant best friends and want to hangout and everything. It was such a blessing to have that because now Lindy has another person she can count on for support and that can encourage her. Our other investigator Monique decided she is just not wanting or ready to make any changes right now with was really sad for us to hear because we love her so much. But we are still friends and will drop by to see her. We really trust in the Lord's timing of it all.

We had a little miracle though this week! We were street contacting in central park here and found this woman Lita, and it turns out she is actually a member already. She was baptized five years ago but had some things happen and she hasn't gone recently. She lives with some family in town. We ended up talking with her for over an hour. She was so sweet, and so in need of the healing and comforting power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We were laughing at times and crying at times together. I know Heavenly Father sent us to Lita because He loves her and is so aware of her situation. He knows each of His children and desires to bless them. We are excited to get her moved into and connected with the ward here. Also to start meeting with her. She was especially excited to come to our church open house we are having this friday. My mission district is made up of three different wards of missionaries, and we all share the same building for church. So together we are planning a church open house/tour. It is just a more comfortable way to help people see what we are all about, and what our church building is like. We are having members at different stations like primary, youth programs, relief society, family history, the baptismal font room, the chapel and even one station on the church provided 12 step addiction recovery program that we have at our building each week. We are all so excited for it and it has really brought a lot of unity to my district and a special spirit. We are preparing so hard for and praying for a great turn out. 

This week I have been pondering how can I and those I help and love have a better access to Christ's strength and healing. I have realized more and more that we have as much access as we choose to have. In Alma 33/23 it talks about letting the words of Christ be planted in our heart like a seed, and by our faith letting it grow. It goes onto say that, "...and then may God grant unto you that your burdens may be light, through the joy of his son. And even all this can ye do, if ye will." If ye will. We can have Christ's strength in our life if we will- if we choose so. He can not force it on us, but He does wait anxiously ready to carry us at a moment's notice. I have learned about, sung about, Jesus and His power to do miracles since before I can remember. I've read His stories, I've heard the testimonies of others about it. But when it is my turn, and I am down to end of my rope in the midst of a trail, how can that power be a reality to me? Do I really believe He can and will lift me, right now where I am? I do believe. And because I believe and ask Him, He is there. He doesn't always (usually) take away my trail but He is there for it with me. And He is there for you through yours too, if you invite Him to do so. He died for each of us. He loves each of us, personally and individually. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ lives, that He leads this church through priesthood power and revelation, that His miracles never cease, and that His love is available to all who will humbly and faithfully ask.

I love you so much, have a happy week!

all my love,
Sister Eleanor Neeley

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