Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Setting High Goals

Oct. 5th, 2015

Hey! I love you and miss you!

General Conference was this past weekend and every session was so uplifting and inspired. Elder Holland's amazing amazing talk about mothers made me miss mine. You are the best mom and I love you, and same goes to all the other mother figures in my life. General Conference made me miss home a little bit, but that was quickly overcome as I really listened to each talk. I felt the spirit so strongly. I feel encouraged to keep working hard, as well as a long list of things I need to improve on. It really was an amazing amazing experience. I encourage anyone who missed a session to go back and watch it. It may seem long and time consuming but I promise you will not regret it one minute.

My companion and I set some pretty high goals for ourselves this week. We made some, and fell short on some. It was disappointing. We felt like we worked so hard, harder than I ever have, and we did not make the progress we thought we should. We both thankfully recognized where these feelings were coming from -not from Heavenly Father- and we then focused on all of the great progress we were able to make in the area. On a mission, and in life, I find that it is really hard to feel like I am enough or that I am doing a good job. The world is constantly telling us that we need to be bigger and better, and we can be to an extent. I am learning that whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy or that I did not do a good enough job, the person I need to ask is my Heavenly Father. I can always kneel in prayer and ask "Was that good enough, did I do okay?" and I will receive an answer. I have felt God's love for me so strongly as I have been trying to do this, as well as very clear things I can do in order to improve. I know my Heavenly Father loves and is mindful of me.

It is funny how all of our investigators we are teaching are not from the United States. They are all foreigners, well except one. It has been so fun and interesting to learn about where each is from. One is from Lebanon, two are from Iran, and couple others that are from some Spanish speaking countries. We met this family from India who are Sikh and they grow their breads our forever and ever. This guy's beard was down to his waist and he tucks it up into his turban to keep it clean- so cool. We have a really big Sikh population here. They all walk around with long beards and turbans and I feel like I am in a movie or something haha, and they are all so friendly too. Just the nicest people. 

Well we are working hard here and getting used to being in a all biking area. My legs are so spent by the end of the day. They used to be sore all the time, but now it is not so bad. I love you all and I am sorry if anyone's mail got returned, I am trying to fix that problem with the mission office. I love letter though, they brighten my day so keep sending them! I love and miss you all. Thank you for your prayers.

all my love,
Sister Neeley

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