Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eleanor the Trainer!

September 28th, 2015

Hola familia y amigos que se quiero!!

This week has been full of changes, some harder than others but they all have proven to be such a blessing this transfert! If you have not heard I am training now a new missionary from the MTC. She is a spanish sister, Hermana Arevalo. She is a native spanish speaker so her spanish is awesome obviously. She grew up in Guatemala until she was 11 and lived in Texas until she left for her mission. I am taking this opportunity to really improve the good amount of spanish I already know. She is very patient with me and loves that I want to learn. She is really helpful. We both have expressed the desire to be exactly obedient and work as hard as we possibly can. We both know that as we do this and have faith, Heavenly Father will provide us with miracles. We are totally on the same page and want to work really hard so I am so blessed and excited for this transfer, and my new companion. I am not sure how long I will be serving with hermana arevalo because at the end of this transfer we are getting another large amount of sisters president says but who knows! The mission is still pretty new and still trying to get to a stable number of sisters and elders. We are serving in Mountain House (my second transfer here), so it is primarily english, but even here we find people who benefit from our spanish. I am so excited to be with a spanish speaking companion! 90% of my district is spanish speaking, even my sister training leaders are spanish sisters so it is really a blessing for me, and a tender mercy from God. 

Training a new missionary for sure makes me feel anxious. She looks to me for an example advice, and answers. I want so badly to provide that for my new companion. I have realized that I can even if I make mistakes here and there. I am humble and willing to learn and grow as I train. I know that although she is a new missionary she is called to serve here exactly like I am, and that she has all the rights to receive revelation for this area, just as I do. We are a team, I am just here to help guide our companionship in the right way as a trainer. I know that as I do make mistakes, if I strive to be exactly obedient and work diligently Heavenly Father will see the desire of my heart and help me. I know he will. I have felt it already. He is so loving.

Something awesome and new is that we are now full time biking sisters! We have no car- at all. Which personally I love although I have never felt so exhausted. I just fall into bed every night. It is hard work, more than I thought to bike everywhere. On bikes thought, we get to be seen so much more in the community and we have many more opportunities to find the prepared people to teach. That is a goal of mine this transfer, to triple the amount of people who are being taught. Biking everywhere we go will help us achieve this goal, as well as working more closely with the members. It is still pretty hot here in Mountain House so biking in the day is pretty brutal (and sweaty...) but it should be cooling down somewhat in the coming weeks is what I hear. We are all hoping for rain to come too and help the awful drought that is happening here in California. Biking in the rain will be tough but I can cross that bridge when I get there. 

Our general daily routine is as follows. We get up early and do our exercise everyday but sundays. We get up at 5:50 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. We get up so early because we are apart of a workout group that meets in the park down the street. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we do running and wake up at 6 or latest 6:29 AM depending on how we feel. We then do personal scripture study from 8-9, companion scripture study from 9-10, I go through the new missionary training program with hermana arevalo from 10-11, then we do 30 minutes of spanish language study (which I am so so so excited to be able to do this transfer!!!!!!) and usually have lunch till 12. After that, we go out and start working. Some days we begin with service, and some days we just start visiting, meeting, and teaching people right away. We return at 9 if we do not have an appointment and 930 if we do. We plan for the next day then are in bed by 10:30pm. That is a general lay out of how my days go here. 

We are already teaching more people than we did last transfer, it is such a blessing. We have been working with a man for about 2 months now, Michael, and he finally committed to following the Savior and will be baptized. We are planning on October 24 and I could not be happier for him and his family. They will be so blessed. We are teaching about 10 other people right now and we are praying that each of them will progress as we teach them this week. I am so so so excited for this coming week, all the new lessons we will teach and also general conference! I am so excited to hear what our living prophet and his apostles on the earth today will say to us! 

I love you all and I am so happy to be where I am. I know that Jesus Christ is with me helping me, especially in the moments when I feel like I am just too exhausted or that I am not enough. With Christ all things really are possible, we just need to believe that- truly believe it. I try to everyday. We all should.

all my love,
sister neeley xoxo

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